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Canada's Leading supplier of incontinence products.

Canada's Leading supplier of incontinence products.

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Quality Life Services

Quality Life Services Inc. is Canada’s leading supplier of incontinence products and a 100% Canadian family owned business in operation since 1988. We are Canada’s exclusive supplier of Tranquility, Select and Molicare brands of incontinence products. We also supply all brands of disposable incontinent systems such as Tena, Depends, Attends and Abena. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of medical supplies and home care products to assist in your daily life. Quality Life Services Inc. has 2 locations in Canada, head office in Winnipeg Manitoba and another location in Ottawa Ontario. We have a very clear focus to “the management of incontinence” not only at the institutional level but for and with individuals at home. Every day our nurses provide assistance and guidance to people dealing with incontinence across Canada, and how to do so to maintain your dignity, self esteem in the most economical way.

Many people are using the incorrect product required for their level of incontinence, using the wrong size causes embarrassment from leakage and odor. Many people convey to us how they feel nervous about engaging in social activities, visiting with friends and family, their skin problems and the fact they can’t sleep through the night and awaken to wet beds. We understand these concerns and issues and can help you with all of these situations. We will make solid and discreet recommendations for products that will give you back your confidence and your life.

Children suffer in the same way and we are very proud of the fact we have helped many parents and their children manage incontinence.

All of our products are Latex free. We truly understand incontinence and how it affects many people – as many as 3.3 million

Canadians, nearly 10% of the population experience some form of urinary incontinence. We can help, your first step to a more confident life is a only a phone call away.

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